The Texas Water Utilities North Central Texas Region hosts an annual Regional School training event at the University of Texas at Arlington, each May.  The Regional School provides networking and training opportunities for water utilities industry professionals.  We offer all basic TCEQ courses, as well as Low Pressure Membrane, Special Topics, and TWUA Instructor courses.  Additionally, the Regional School offers TCEQ license exams for water and wastewater licenses, including Class A.

Pre-approval for tceq testing

If you want to test for a TCEQ License, you will be required to submit an e-Application and $111 fee at least 30 days prior to registering and taking the TCEQ license test.  Your application must be pre-approved before you can register to test.  You can complete and submit your e-App on the TCEQ web site:  https://www.tceq.texas.gov/licensing/olea 

regional school schedule

This year's schedule will be our normal Tuesday-Thursday schedule.  24-hour and 40-hour courses will start on Monday.  See our Schedule page for more information.

Download a copy of the Schedule of Events

best tasting water contest

Does your entity have the best water around?  Enter in the contest for a chance to compete at the State level at the next TWUA Annual School.  See our Best Tasting Water page for more info.

become a twua instructor

Ever wanted to teach TWUA courses?  We are offering the first of two required instructor courses to become a TWUA-certified instructor.  Please register now, as space is limited.

UTA Map for Location of Effective Instructional Techniques

Pursuant to House Bill 1508, Effective September 1, 2017

This notice shall serve to inform, that specific criminal history could negatively impact and affect a person’s ability to receive a TCEQ issued Operator’s License. Participating in any Texas Water Utilities Association (TWUA) affiliated operator training course(s) does not guarantee or in any way imply you will be eligible to test or receive a state issued operator’s license.