NCTRS Parking

The University of Texas at Arlington has a new parking system in place for 2018. No physical passes are required, but you must register your vehicle in the MAVpark system for our event to avoid a citation. The following email and link will be sent to everyone who registers for the North Central Texas Regional School:

Hello and welcome to the University of Texas at Arlington! We want to ensure you have an exceptional parking experience while on campus. Please enter your vehicle information in the link below to obtain a parking e-permit for your vehicle to park on campus during your event. This will give your vehicle access to park in the designated lot noted on the link's event page.  Any vehicle parked on campus without an e-permit will receive a citation.

For visitors using a rental car: You can register your vehicle after parking on campus.  Once parked, reference your rented vehicle’s license plate number and then enter it into the link below.

You may park in any space not marked as reserved, service vehicle, blocked by cones, or an ADA space without the proper permit. This permit is valid only for the date and times of your event. If you have any comments or concerns, please contact us at or (817) 272 – 3907.


Click here to register your vehicle: Click here to register

TCEQ On-Site Testing Information

Changes to TCEQ Exam Application Process!!

If you plan to take a TCEQ licensing exam following a TWUA Regional or Annual School, you must submit a copy of your TWUA course registration confirmation with your TCEQ application.

ALL exam applications must be submitted at least 60 days prior to exam date to allow for processing. The application can be completed on the TCEQ website at

The TCEQ will send a letter notifying you of your application status including exam registration instructions!

If you have questions or need assistance, you may contact TCEQ Licensing at

or call (512) 239-6133